Speaking at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business

I had such a fun time speaking on this panel. My recommendations (not that I am qualified to give any advice) to anyone that wants to start their own company:

1. Team is everything. You can make a great company with a bad idea and a great team, but you can’t make a great company with a good idea and a bad team.

2. Make sacrifices. You need to be willing to make less money, sleep less, and have less free time.

3. You must love and be proud of what you’re building.

It was very nice to visit Berkeley again and see old friends!

On the Cover of UC Berkeley’s “Introduction to Business” Course Textbook

The class, Introduction to Business, is required for all business administration majors at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. I took the class, taught by Dr. David Robinson, in Spring 2009 and had the cool opportunity to be part of the photoshoot for the cover of the 2010 textbook.