Kairos 50 Award and Dance Party on the NYSE

It’s an honor to have Nanoly Bioscience be named in Kairo’s Top 50 companies started in college.

As part of the Kairos 50, we all got to present our companies on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! Attendees included the Prince of Jordan, the CEO of AutoDesk, founder of Vonage, CEO of Forbes, and CEO of Johnson & Johnson. I feel so lucky to be able to connect with these people!

My friend Julia from Spain and I have dinner at our hotel

My friend Julia from Spain and I have dinner at our hotel


My friends from UC Berkeley and I take a photo together on Day 1


Officially part of the first rave on the NYSE. Live performance by European DJ, Madeon


Ringing the NYSE opening bell

photo (11)

With a fellow attendee, who dressed glamorously in orange, having a drink on the NYSE.

photo (10)

Presenting my company on the NYSE floor

photo 2

The personalized trophy they gave to the Kairos 50 companies

photo 1

Berkeley Startup Competition: Elevator Pitch Winner

Peter and I with the Berkeley Startup Competition Organizers

The Berkeley BPlan Competition is one of the most competitive competitions Nanoly has done. We were selected as 1 of 8 semi-finalists for the Life Sciences track. We thrilled to just make it to the semi-finals so when we won the Elevator Pitch award, it was really unexpected! The Elevator Pitch award is where audience members vote on their favorite startup pitch. Thank you to everyone for supporting us! Congratulations to Calcula, who won the grand prize!

Presenting Nanoly in front of a live audience

Pitching Nanoly

Standing with our Elevator Pitch Award

Standing with our certificate for making it into the Semi-Finals!

In the Gamma Phi Beta Magazine

Gamma Phi Beta has been a huge part of life ever since I joined the sorority my freshman year in college. The positive environment and strong values of the organization is a great place for any young female. I am incredibly honored to be featured in the Winter 2011 magazine. You can view the full magazine here: http://digital.publicationprinters.com/publication/?i=99260

Featured in the Oakland Holiday Parade

Here’s a random video I found of me in the Oakland Holiday Parade. I am featured starting at 0:30.

The Holiday Parade was held on Saturday, December 3. It was such a great time and I was very honored to be featured in the parade.

With the Oakland Raiders' girls before the parade

In the Mitsubishi Eclipse that all the special guests are driven in for the parade


Taking pictures with kids before the parade


The beginning of my journey in the parade!

Oldschool Photos

Pictures from various photoshoots I did back in the day.

Miss California 2011: Preliminary Talent Award

It was an absolute honor to receive the preliminary talent award tonight! Thank you everyone for your kind words! I really wanted to make the Oakland committee and my family proud. They have put all their heart and energy into helping me prepare for Miss California.

Holding the certificate in my hotel room

On the Cover of UC Berkeley’s “Introduction to Business” Course Textbook

The class, Introduction to Business, is required for all business administration majors at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. I took the class, taught by Dr. David Robinson, in Spring 2009 and had the cool opportunity to be part of the photoshoot for the cover of the 2010 textbook.