My piano composition for the Carol Klose Hal Leonard Piano Composition Competition

It’s been a while since I last competed in piano back in high school, but it’s fun to get into “competition mode” again. This is my first time competing in a composition competition. Hal Leonard is the largest music publisher and if I have a chance at getting published with them, then it’s certainly worth trying!

My composition is titled “Hurricane.” Check it out here:

Nanxi Liu Piano

My new song!

While I was in New York for a quick 2-day trip, I met up with my friend Ben Hedman. He’s a  rapper and Harvard Law grad (awesome combo right?). We’ve always enjoyed making snogs together. The last song we made together was years ago-while I was still in high school: Finally, met up again this year and decided to make another song. We only had a few hours to hang out so after we went to grab food, we decided to give each other an hour to make a song from scratch. We combined the “oldest” type of music-classical music with dubstep, the “newest” type of sound. Let me know what you think!

Young and Baroque YouTube

My First Piano Recording!

This is my very very first time recording myself on the piano! Super excited to share music with everyone! A wonderful lady gave me a brand new AMAZING keyboard piano for my birthday a few months ago. The great thing about this keyboard is that you can directly record music on it so I thought I’d take full advantage of that feature :)

The song I decided to play is called The Moon Represents My Heart. It’s a famous old Chinese classic that was originally sung by Teresa Teng. It’s a beautiful piece so I wanted to share it with everyone :) I will post the direct audio download here soon (I need to upgrade my WordPress account to do this.)

Youtube version of the recording: 

Untitled 8

Decided I would create my first music ensemble piece for fun. I really enjoyed adding the drum section in.
Click here to download PDF of music: Untitled 8

Youtube video of the music played by my computer’s software.

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Untitled #1 Composed by Nanxi Liu and Ben Hedman

I first met Ben when he was an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I had a few classes with some of his friends so I met him randomly one day. He invited me to a concert he was holding at a local bar. I went and was blown away by his rap and hip hop songs. They sounded better than most of the rap songs I hear on the radio!

We were only able to collaborate on one song before he left to get his JD at Harvard Law School. So yes, Harvard once upon a time had a black rapper at their school. Legit.

Untitled 2 (version 1)

Finally! I have put one song I wrote into writing rather than just keeping it stored in my memory (which tends to forget things).

Here it is in PDF: Untitled 2

Here is the computer playing the piece in case you wanted to hear what is sounds like (I promise it sounds much better when a real person is playing!):

Disclaimer: This song was written in about 3 hours so it is a bit sloppy since it is the first draft. I will upload new versions onto here if I never decide to improve the piece.