I interviewed the founders of Waze, Vizio, Match.com, Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s what they said.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.44.39 AMFor the past month, our Enplug team has been putting together a free downloadable book with 33 secret recipes of building great company culture. You can use these for your own company and suggest them to HR. For the book, I personally interviewed industry leaders such as the Founder of Vizio (they sell the most # of TVs in the US), Founder of USA Network and SyFy channel, CFO of PBS, Founder of Waze (yup, this guy made the map app that has saved us hours) and many others. Each had quite a unique take on what made their company culture successful. Here’s a taste of some of the recipes:

  • Recipe #6: Perk up your team with silly holidays like National Hotdog Day (July 23) or Star Wars Day (May the 4th)
  • Recipe #7: Form a secret happiness committee that leaves little surprises for teammates around the office on random days
  • Recipe #16: Showcase your product roadmap so everyone can see the bigger picture that they’re working on
  • Recipe #23: Announce open positions to your team so they can share the opportunities with friends, saving you recruiting costs and letting your team be part of building the team

The book is beautiful and honestly, the best eBook that I’ve ever seen from a company. Seriously. My eyebrows instantly jumped up and my jaw dropped when I saw the final product. Our marketing and design team put together a serious piece of artwork. You can download it for free here. Let me know which recipe you found the best!



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