Global Entrepreneurs Summer social Innovation Lab

One of the most incredible 3-weeks of my life, the Summer Social Innovation Lab brought together 19 social innovation entrepreneurs from 16 different countries. The lab was completely paid-for and sponsored by the Transformative Action Institute and Dell. We lived in a gorgeous, beach-front mansion in Boston, Massachusetts (we were so spoiled!!). With a camera crew that documented every step of our journey, I look forward to sharing the videos of our experience in a future post!

In these 3 weeks, I was so inspired by the work that the fellow lab fellows have already accomplished and are in the course to accomplish. From a South African who is developing a work-training program for low-income women to a Rhodes Scholar who built the largest student-run non-profit consulting group to a Nicaraguan building affordable housing, living with these leaders was fun-filled and exciting. The most important part of this summer lab was that I formed friendships that I know will last for the rest of my life.

We never had a day where we did the same thing…but, here are some typical things we did and some things I really loved:

  1. Waking up at 8am to prepare breakfast for one another
  2. Pitching to investors
  3. Attending workshops hosted by successful entrepreneurs, professors, and industry-leaders
  4. Playing on a Steinway Grand Piano
  5. Watching the Olympics
  6. Hosting and attending networking mixers in our house
  7. Playing air hockey and pool in the game rooms
  8. Lounging on the beach
  9. Traveling to New York
  10. Dance parties in the basement
  11. Learning design-thinking
  12. Having the time of our lives!

Taking a trip to New York! Here we are on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Our main hallway in our house with the fantastic Steinway grand piano that I would practice on every day!

The backyard that is just a short walk away from the ocean

Learning from acclaimed author David Bornstein (How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas)

Backyard party! One of our networking mixers at our house.

Singing together with famous jazz musician Gemma Bulos

Totally spoiled: Driven to the airport in a limo bus.

Our gorgeous house and backyard!



One response to “Global Entrepreneurs Summer social Innovation Lab

  1. This definitely looks the time of anybody’s life! How does one apply or get invited to stay here? Or better yet, if you’re ever going again can you pack me in your suit case? Lol.

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