The Dell Social Innovation Challenge Journey: The Beginning

What an absolute thrill this past week has been for Nanoly, a company that started out as a fun project my friend Balaji and I wanted to do because of our passion for global health. We found out that Nanoly was selected as 1 of 5 finalists out of 1,800 projects for the Dell Social Innovation Challenge. Dell flew us out to Austin, Texas for the final event where we stayed at the gorgeous W Hotel. Our schedule was packed! Here are the highlights from the week! Thank you Dell and the organizers for making this such a phenomenal experience for us!

Day 1

After checking into the incredibly beautiful W Hotel, Dell surprises us with a gift package complete with a new digital camera and extra spending money!

I didn’t get a picture, but we also had dinner with John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods! He’s such an inspiration!

Day 2

Lunch with the founder of Texas Disposal Systems

Petting a rhino at the Texas Disposal Systems headquarters. They have a mini-zoo inside the landfill! How crazy is that?!

My first time feeding a giraffe! The giraffe lives on the Texas Disposal System property, right next to the landfill!

Target shooting clay disks! Beginner’s luck: I got 1 for 1

Day 3

Video/Photo Profile

Interview with Youth Radio

With the team getting ready to pitch Nanoly in the final round!

Another video interview for Nanoly!

Day 4

And still more video interviews!

Speaking on a panel about social entrepreneurship

Meeting Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell

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