Dell Social Innovation Challenge Finalist!

Nanoly is 1 of 5 finalists selected out of over 1,500 submissions for the Dell Social Innovation Challenge. I couldn’t be more excited!

Dell’s Social Innovation Challenge aligns precisely with Nanoly’s social mission. Our team is motivated by our goal to bring vaccines to places in the world that traditionally do not receive proper immunization access. This competition is an incredible opportunity for Nanoly to demonstrate our global impact!

The finalist competition is in Austin, Texas from June 8-13. My teammate Peter and I will be traveling to Austin to present to a panel of judges. We’ll keep you updated!


One response to “Dell Social Innovation Challenge Finalist!

  1. That’s exciting!! Congratulations! I love Austin. It’s a great city. Very much full of life, which I love. I have a a number of friends in the peace corps, and when I studied international psychology we talked a lot about the trends where basic needs were lacking. One of my friends talked a lot about the change from one year to the next after the people in his village were willing to undergo vaccines. He said it’s amazing to see the difference in just how much less worry and fear there is for the children after people began to notice they weren’t getting sick as much (they did flu and malaria vaccines I think… something along those lines, and maybe something for dysentery, I can’t quite recall). Either way, you have a great social mission, and I hope you both do well! 🙂

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