Restaurant Review: Brushstroke New York (Michelin-Rate Restaurant)

While I was in Manhattan this weekend with a friend, we wanted to go to a nice restaurant. Specifically one that was Michelin rated. We browsed through the 2012 Michelin restaurants and decided on Brushstroke, a Japanese fine dining restaurant located in the Tribeca/Financial District area.

The Setting

The restaurant is small, but comfortable. All parties of two pretty much sit at the bar area, which wraps around the kitchen. A short glass divider separates the diners from the cooks who you can see are meticulously preparing food. There are tables, but they are reserved for parties of 3 or more.

The Menu and Price

We chose the 6-course tasting menu, which was $85/person. It’s the cheapest option! For those who want a quick meal, they only offer prix-fixed menus and the minimum time it takes to eat is about 1.5 hours. We also ordered drinks, which is from $10-$25/drink. I ordered a warm sake that was topped off with what tasted like a strawberry smoothie.

The Service

The waiters were definitely very nice and took the time to explain to us all of the dishes. After our meal as we were heading out the door, the hostess even gave us a little small dessert to take home with us! What a nice surprise!

My friend and I! As you can see, the kitchen is open and everyone sits around in a bar-like setup.

The Food

The food is fantastic. It comes in small portions and you eat it in the course of 1.5 hours so some might still be hungry in the end.

First course: Salad. A great fusion of Asian and American. Tastes very fresh.

One of my favorites! This is a soupy dish with soft scrambled eggs at the bottom. I could eat this everyday.

I think this is the main course. It was pork belly. Very tender meat and flavorful.

Sushi! This was my friend’s favorite.

I loved the taste of this spongy glutenous dish. The soup was great and it was a healthy mix of carbs and vegetables.

The dessert! There were so many things in our dessert including a mint soup, sweet rice paper, red beans wrapped in a leaf…The most interesting dessert was the Soy Sauce ice cream. You must try this! It is such a crazy taste. It literally tastes like soy sauce and ice cream, which doesn’t sound appetizing. Trust me though, it’s worth it!


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