Be the first to test out my new project,!

Ryan and I launched the alpha testing for! I’m letting you all be the first to try it out!

Use the following invite code to get access to the site: 81655

What’s Fonite?
Fonite is an advanced caller-ID system for your smartphone. When someone calls you, the incoming call screen will show that person’s latest update (newest Tweet, Facebook status, most recent email exchange you had with them, and user-generated updates on that person). So, when you pick up the call, you won’t forget to wish them a happy birthday or ask how their recent midterm went!

What’s in the alpha?
The only feature that we’ve enabled for the alpha testing is writing updates/reviews on phone numbers. You can vote up or down updates on each phone number.

What do you do as an alpha tester?
Feel free to navigate around! You can write updates on what’s going on in your life in your Profile. Or, search for a friend’s number and write an update about them! You can also vote up or down updates people have written.

Please share your feedback with us! Click on the “Feedback” button. Let us know what you think, what we should add to the mobile app, how you would use Fonite, anything!

4 responses to “Be the first to test out my new project,!

  1. Interesting idea. I’ve always wanted an enhanced Caller ID manager. But the one feauture that interests me the most is an SMS-based notification about the numbers that I had missed calls from while my phone was turned off or I was out of reception. Think you take a long-haul flight for a few hours, you turn up your phone when you get off the plane and receive a log of missed calls. Very valuable for busy salesmen or consultants on the road, I think.

    By the way, how can we sign up for the Alpha? And is there any restriction on phone models, etc?

    Good luck with your business endeavor!

    • Thanks for sharing. We’re actually quite a bit different than truecaller. We have similarities, but Fonite is much more powerful and has many more features than truecaller.

  2. Finally a nice caller-ID. I believe that it will take off since it has a lot of features that a lot of people will want. It’s nice to actually have true caller ID again, where you get a call and you get the name, without having it in your contact list. Very nice idea!

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