Day 2 @ Startup Camp

The Plug and Play (PnP) campus is absolutely beautiful! It houses several hundred startups, with a total of about 10 or so startups as part of their startup camp. We had the opportunity to meet the other startups in the camp yesterday. PnP is simultaneously running an accelerator. Many of the teams traveled from all over the world to participate in the accelerator program with even $10+ million revenue companies in the program. They are all incredible! We are by far the youngest team by average age compared to the other startups in the camp and accelerator. We are excited because this means we can learn a lot from our peers.

Key presentations or workshops from Day 2

  • “Success in the USA” with Chris Gill, President of SVForum
  • “Legal Implications of Coming to Silicon Valley” by Hanson Bridgett
  • Tax and Accounting Issues
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Dinner with two startup teams from Chile

Being goofy with the two engineers on our team

Our idea imprinted on the classic white board

4am..time to go to bed! with the team, brushing our teeth, in our super cheap motel


10 responses to “Day 2 @ Startup Camp

  1. Thanks for the ‘like’. Great blog! Good luck with the rest of Startup Camp and if you’re based in San Francisco you might want to check out Social Media Week which is happening from 13th to 17th Feb. I’m working on the London event again this year.

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