Cutest Little Sister in the World

My 9-year old little sister recently got an Android smartphone (kids these days are getting so tech-spoiled!) She sends me texts throughout the day. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Received Friday at 10:21pm
Good night nanxi and don’t stay awake all night because you are going to distroy you heath and your body and you are going to get very sick. Do you hear me?! any way I miss you and I love you. Do you have a nickanme you would call your self? Mine is cupcake. I like cupcake because I think it is cute and sweet.

Received Monday at 10:47pm
Thanks for telling me how to spell camera. You are very helpful. Thanks again. You are the very best sister in the whole big world. I love you and I miss you. :(    <3     ;)

She knows how to use emoticons!

Received Monday at 10:32pm
Good night Nanxi. I miss you more than one hundred cupcakes and I love you more than boston cream pie. Can you gess a riddle? Here it is: one eye is open and one eye is closed, I take you with me. Can you gess it?

Oldschool Photos

Pictures from various photoshoots I did back in the day.

Become the Next Miss Oakland

The Miss Oakland Scholarship Program is an incredibly rewarding experience. I highly recommend it to any woman who would like to meet new people and learn to be comfortable on stage. Regardless of whether you win or not, programs like Miss Oakland train you to be a better public speaker and have stage presence. These abilities are beneficial for your entire lifetime. Whether it is going into a job interview or interacting one-on-one with someone, the Miss Oakland program team ensures that you have a worthwhile learning experience.

Some awesome things I got to do and opportunities the next Miss Oakland will have:

1) Performed at the Green Day Charity Concert

2) MCed the United Cerebral Palsy Association’s Annual Holiday Party

3) Volunteered for The Children’s Miracle Network and Oakland Children’s Hospital

4) Received ~$3,000 in scholarships from the Miss Oakland program

5) All-expense paid one-week trip to compete at Miss California

6) Miss Oakland pays for you to get a new and improved wardrobe! (They bought me brand new evening gowns, sundresses, business suits, and cocktail dresses for Miss California!)

Contact Mr. Layne Sanders at to sign up.

Deadline: October 21st