15th Annual Heart & Soul Fundraiser at Oakland Museum of California

I really enjoyed attending the Heart & Soul fundraiser for the East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC) on May 5th. My favorite part was watching a group of kids performing music with the body by clapping them on their legs and chest. Great event!

Thank you, Susan, for inviting me to the benefit. I also greatly enjoyed speaking with her husband, United States District Court Judge William Alsup.


I helped host the auction. Here I am with the main host.

What is the EBAC?

East Bay Agency for Children helps address this urgent need in our local communities by providing students experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties—most of them from low-income families—with vital mental health and specialized educational services. The goal: to enable them to build on their intrinsic strengths, stay in school and overcome the obstacles that could keep them from leading productive lives. Additionally, to ensure children’s continued progress in school, we also provide their families with intensive assistance in accessing community and public resources.

Here’s more info on the organization: http://www.ebac.org/about/index.asp

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