A Truly Humbling Experience

The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), also known as UC Berkeley’s student government, is the largest autonomous student government in the nation. We oversee the finance of 480 organization and represent over 33,000 students. We are working on the 2nd largest capital project in California (Lower Sproul Renovation) and we have a nearly $2 million budget.

To have the opportunity to serve as the Executive Vice President is an honor. The experience has been anything but easy. There were challenges every day and sometimes, it seems like obstacles will never end. Chairing the committee of 20 elected Senators was probably the most fun part of the job. Staying up until 5am working in my office in the student government building was less glamorous.

I am so proud of the work of our student government this year, especially the 20 Senators who I shared every Wednesday night with in our extensive weekly Senate meetings. I look forward to the accomplishments of the newly elected group of student government officials!

Posing with the 20 elected senators and Mr. Litwak (our recorder) at the beginning of the semester. It has been an extraordinary experience to lead and collaborate with them.

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