Chinese Pop Music

I love Chinese pop music! Ever since I studied abroad in China and bought countless Chinese pop records, I have enjoyed its mainstream music. Here are some of my favorites:




One response to “Chinese Pop Music

  1. Wow… you’re like, a real, actual, person with a life that’s going places, huh? After you “liked” my blog (The K-State Experience), as soon as I was done I thought I’d check your blog and such out and see who you were… pretty fascinating stuff really, to me anyway. Hmmm, you’re way out of my socioeconomic class but that’s never stopped me from at least attempting to be friends with someone before. I was listening to some of your music here… never listened to Chinese Pop Music before… kind of nice. Here’s one for you… check out Kind of old so maybe you haven’t heard it before, but it’s what your music here sort of reminded me of. You were a “Sales & Trading Summer Analyst at Citigroup?” You know, I lost BIG VIRTUAL BUCKS selling short on them at VSE in my Intro to Business class last Summer (-: I think you owe me some $$$ ,-) OK… well… believe it or not I’ve got a pizza in the oven right now so… gotta go…

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