2011 Student Lobby Conference

The UC Student Lobby Conference, begun in 2004, provides students with the opportunity to participate in lobbying, organizing and higher education issue workshops, as well as strategy sessions designed to empower them to effectively lobby their elected representatives on UC Student Lobby Day. The 3-day lobby conference (February 26-28) brings students together with UCSA’s allies in Sacramento to implement effective messages and strategies to win our legislative campaigns, both on Lobby day and throughout the year.

Early morning arrival at California State Capitol. Ready to lobby our government to support more higher education funding

I joined with hundreds of students to rally on the streets of Sacramento

UCSA Leaders speaking on the steps of the Capitol building

With fellow UC Berkeley student government elected official, Senator Joey Freeman

The Berkeley Student Government Team Rachel: Senator. Joey: New External Affairs VP. Me: Executive VP. Elliot: Senator

I ran into an old friend I had not seen 6+ years at the lobby. We were classmates at a summer music camp. He attends UCLA now.

Holding a sign to show my support for the DREAM Act


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