Empire State Building

A brother in my business fraternity and his girlfriend are visitnig the city this weekend. We met up at Mad for Chicken, a famous Korean chicken restaurant/bar to hang out. The restaurant is on the second floor of a building in K-town, with dim lights and modern furniture. The waiters and waitresses are all very good looking, perhaps making up for the poor service.

We ate together with two other brothers from our business fraternity and another friend who is a grad student at Princeton. The chicken is fantastic even in all its grease.

Afterwards, we went to Red Mango nearby for frozen yogurt. I got a large size because I eat a lot. They said Red Mango is owned by a former business fraternity brother from our chapter.

We went to meet up with another friend who just graduated from Columbia and is working at Bank of America in S&T. We both talked about how S&T is better than banking. As it turns out, we have a mutual friend who went to school with him. In fact, I was planning to meet up with that mutual friend later tonight. We all went to sing karaoke in K-Town. From Chinese pop music to American indie punk, we attempted to sing a variety of songs.

As we left the karoake place, I was still with all of them. Then, the mutual friend I had with the Columbia guy walked out of the same karaoke place!

My friend from Columbia and I both are from Colorado and that’s how we know each other I suppose. We met up with a bunch of his former Columbia classmates and current colleagues at JP Morgan at Sidebar.

As midnight rolled around, we headed to the Empire State Building. The view from the very top is much more glorious in the night than in the daytime, yet, virtually no one was in line as we took the elevators to the 87th floor. Overlooking the city from the building, Manhanttan appears so small. You can see both waters surrounding the island and the various bridges spanning between the Manhattan and the mainland. The city lights indicate where people are partying and where people are still stuck in their office working on pitchbooks. Glad that I am in S&T.

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