Intern Bar

Intern Bar NYC changes every weekend. The first one I went to was at Katra in early June. Yesterday, I went to Intern Bar at Libations with a few friends. The bar/club has three virtually identical floors. It was not that exciting. Went with a friend from Cal to eat dinner at Nu Sushi by Wall Street.

My second-grade little sister got an email account and sent me a very adorable message:

Hay Nanxi!

I have my own email! It is so cool to have a Gmail like you. Now I can send you things and I am going to send you lots of emails.

When are you going to come back?
I miss you a lot. You are the best sister ever!



This email made my day.

Google NYC

Got invited to a Google event at their NYC office. The people are really cool and they had free food and ice cream. They invited many college undergrads who may be interested in working for them in the future. They talked about their work culture. Sounds like a cool place.

They gave out free toys. I got a Google Android plush doll.

Staten Island

Rushed back to Financial District after work to meet up with a friend from Cal to take a ferry to Staten Island. The ferry ride is free. We went to the top of the ferry and the view throughout the 30-minute journey is breathtaking. The ferry passes by the Statue of Liberty.

Staten Island is absolutely dead on a Monday night. Half of the restaurants in the “downtown” area were closed. The downtown area consists of a few restaurants and a small park. Unimpressive.

The night was dark on our ferry ride back. The view was even more beautiful as we admired the impressive Manhanttan skyline.

Frying Pan, Continental, and McDonald’s

With a friend from Cal, two business fraternity brothers, and the girlfriend of one the busines fraternity brothers, went to the Frying Pan. It is a restaurant/bar on a boat on the Hudson River. We sat on the top deck and took many pictures of the Manhattan skyline behind us.

1am: Continental. Famous bar known for its “$10 for 5 shots of any kind” deal.

2am: McDonald’s for some fried chicken. Delicious.

Restaurant Week

The title is misleading. Restaurant week is actually two weeks in NYC where  expensive restaurants serve a fixed menu for $25 lunch and $35 dinner per person. Normally, the three-course dinner would cost $50 or more per person. My friend from Cal looked for arbitrage opportunities by finding the most expensive restaurants to reserve dinner.

We went to Wall and Water, a luxurious upscale restaurant on Wall street. The first time we went, we ordered:

Appetizer: Exotic flowers
Main Course: Grilled halibut
Dessert: Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream

Appetizer: Boiled artichoke
Main Course: Grilled Halibut
Dessert: Berry crumble

The second tmie, we ordered:

Appetizer: Boilder artichoke
Main Course: Grilled Halibut
Dessert: Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream

Appetizer: Stoned fruit
Main Course: Grilled Halibut
Dessert: Flourless chocolate cake with frozen yogurt

Empire State Building

A brother in my business fraternity and his girlfriend are visitnig the city this weekend. We met up at Mad for Chicken, a famous Korean chicken restaurant/bar to hang out. The restaurant is on the second floor of a building in K-town, with dim lights and modern furniture. The waiters and waitresses are all very good looking, perhaps making up for the poor service.

We ate together with two other brothers from our business fraternity and another friend who is a grad student at Princeton. The chicken is fantastic even in all its grease.

Afterwards, we went to Red Mango nearby for frozen yogurt. I got a large size because I eat a lot. They said Red Mango is owned by a former business fraternity brother from our chapter.

We went to meet up with another friend who just graduated from Columbia and is working at Bank of America in S&T. We both talked about how S&T is better than banking. As it turns out, we have a mutual friend who went to school with him. In fact, I was planning to meet up with that mutual friend later tonight. We all went to sing karaoke in K-Town. From Chinese pop music to American indie punk, we attempted to sing a variety of songs.

As we left the karoake place, I was still with all of them. Then, the mutual friend I had with the Columbia guy walked out of the same karaoke place!

My friend from Columbia and I both are from Colorado and that’s how we know each other I suppose. We met up with a bunch of his former Columbia classmates and current colleagues at JP Morgan at Sidebar.

As midnight rolled around, we headed to the Empire State Building. The view from the very top is much more glorious in the night than in the daytime, yet, virtually no one was in line as we took the elevators to the 87th floor. Overlooking the city from the building, Manhanttan appears so small. You can see both waters surrounding the island and the various bridges spanning between the Manhattan and the mainland. The city lights indicate where people are partying and where people are still stuck in their office working on pitchbooks. Glad that I am in S&T.

New York Philharmonic

Took the subway with a friend from Cal to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The park was saturated with thousands of audiences carrying picnic baskets and towels. They performed Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky’s Polonaise from Eugene Onegin. Prokofiev’s piano music beautifully dark. I enjoy playing it.

There was a spectatcular fireworks show afterwards. The sparks contrasted with the dark blue sky.

My friend and I purposely got lost in the park as we headed back to Manhanttan. We wandered through the woods until we realized that it was almost midnight and we would rather not be homicide victims.

New York Rooftop

Had lunch with a friend from Cal who is working at Ernst and Young in the city. We chatted about everything from finance to our future. Before we knew it, three hours had passed.

My friend from Harvard Law invited me again to go out with him and his classmates. We took a cab to one of New York’s most famous rooftop clubs/bars. There was an extensive line at the door. As it turns out, my friend’s friend was having his birthday there and he had VIP bottle service. We entered without waiting in line. The view of the rooftop bar was of the Empire State Building, brightly lit tonight in yellow and purple for NYU’s graduation. Our VIP section was roped off and we had our own bartender serving us unlimited free drinks. Almost all the people I met there were in finance or vacationing. My friend introduced me to a girl who also went to Univ. of Colorado when I was there. Small world.

Got home at 4am…again.

Street Fighting

One of my old college friends from Univ. of Colorado is now at Harvard Law and also working in New York as a summer associate at a law firm.

I went to a party hosted by his colleague from the law firm and met many of his coworkers. He is a big guy and as the party came to an end, challenged a fellow colleague to a wrestling match. We went outside to watch the spectacle and made bets with one another. Preparing for the match, my friend took off his shirt to reveal a black wife beater. He looked like a amateur street fighter.

They began wrestling on the concrete ground, throwing one another around and attempting to pin the other for as long as possible. At one point, my friend’s colleague threw my friend onto a car. An undercover cop quickly appeared at the scene. The cop began questioning my friend and his colleague.

Cop: What are you guys doing?

My friend: We are friends. We are just having a fun wrestling match. Is that illegal?

Cop: You hit that car. You are being stupid. What do you do in the city?

My friend’s colleague: I work at a law firm.

My friend: I am a Harvard Law student.

Cop (looks suspiciously at my friend who is black and wearing a wife beater): You do what?

My friend: I go to Harvard Law, but I am also working at the law firm.

Cop: You two are being stupid. Go home.

Subsequently, we went out around the area. Our last stop was a bar club crowded with investment bankers dancing (or at least attempting to dance) to hip hop music. We joined right in. I couldn’t decide which was more of a spectacle: this or my friend’s wresting match.

July 4th Weekend in Colorado

Left work to go straight to JFK airport to visit my family in Colorado with a friend. The famous JetBlue terminal at JFK did no disappoint. It is probably the nicest terminal you will find. The restaurants are chic and modern, with flashy decor and contemporary designs. We ate sushi.

Arrived around 10pm and got picked up by my dad and little sister, who seems to get taller every time I see her.

Played tennis and ping pong on Saturday. Went out to dim sum. Rented Shutter Island to watch with my family. What a mistake. It is not a family friendly movie and my parents stopped watching 30 minutes in. I finished it alone and found the movie to be intriguing. The human mind works questionably.

Took my sister to see The Last Airbender with a friend. It was entertaining – perfect for my 7 year old sister’s taste.

Unfortunately, it rained on July 4th and the fireworks were cancelled.

Flew out on the red eye Monday at midnight and arrived in New York at 6:30am. Changed in the airport and took the subway straight to work. I love a fast-paced lifestyle.