With my roommate, her boyfriend, and a friend from Cal, we went to eat at Perilla. The restaurant is by NYU and thus, in a lively part of Manhattan. The food is delicious and intricately prepared. The only drawback is that the portions are pretty small. It’s a good way to keep customers coming back: give us just enough to enjoy, but keep us wanting more.


Last minute decision to take a trip to Montreal with a Cal friend. We left Friday night after work and took the Greyhound. The bus is actually pretty nice – there is wireless internet and the seats are decently comfortable.

Montreal is in French-speaking Canada and everything in the city is in French. The street signs, the store names, the spoken language are all in French. I never knew my French classes from high school would come in handy four years later.

We went to Saint Catherine street, a popular tourist area lined with bars and restaurants. We went to a quaint fancy French restaurant for brunch with some Canadian friends. At night, we went to La Vouche club. The music was great and the club was stylish. The men in Montreal are very well-groomed. You can easily tell apart the Montreal versus American men at the club.

The next morning, we left to return to New York. We arrived back late afternoon. I went to Brooklyn to meet up with another Cal friend for dinner. We then went out to Blue Owl, a classy jazz bar. The next morning, I met up with my Cal friend for coffee at Kaffe at 6:30am. Guess there is no sleeping this summer.

Trading Desk

Began my first day on the Municipal Derivatives and Financial Products trading desk. They were my top choice for desk placement. They are a very quantitative group and I will focus mainly on computer programming for them since I cannot make trades (I don’t have a license).  One of the traders on the desk was a former professional poker player. I am seriously considering starting an online poker account.

My hours are 7:30am to 6-9pm. We eat lunch at the desk since the market doesn’t stop for lunch. This is my first step to gaining weight this summer.

Central Park

Friend from Cal invited me to join him at Central Park for a watergun birthday party. We went to Time Square and I quickly noted that it would be cool if I saw the iconic Naked Cowboy. Along the way, we bought some waterguns at a convenience store. As we headed out of Time Square, my friend pointed out a guy in white underwear. It was the Naked Cowboy. So he actually does exist and as proof, I took a picture with him.

Arriving at Central Park, we met up with a group of people and had a watergun fight. I was drenched by the end.

After we got back, my Cal friend and I went shopping. I helped him pick out clothes for work. A career as a stylist must be fun.

Bloomberg Training

The Bloomberg Building’s architecture is avante-garde. I really like modern structures. There are petrified wooden decors outlining the wall on the main floor. On the training floor, there is a snack area that has everything from cereal to chocolate to gummy bears. The interns and I loaded our hands full of the snacks to bring into the training room.

Went to Seaport with a fellow Cal student who was also interning at Citi later at night. The Financial District area is quite dead at night.

Training on Wall Street

After an Excel training on Wall Street, some fellow S&T interns and I went to The Rose nearby. As I was leaving, I ran into a fellow Cal student who happened to be living on Wall Street and working in the city. Manhattan feels smaller by the day.

With an IBD intern at Citi, we took a night tour around Manhattan. We had no destination, but just wandered around purposely without looking at the time. Our walk took us to City Hall and Chinatown. By the time we got home, it was 4am. We had walked for 4 hours. I have work at 8am.

Day 1 at Work

Citi is conveniently 20 minutes walk away.

Met many fellow interns. Looking forward to hanging out with them in the Citi.

Took tours of the Citi trading floors. It is very exciting with rows and rows of desks with each floor as large as a football field. Each trader/salesman has 3-10 computer monitors situated on their desk. It closely resembles the pictures of the trading floors I found on Google images.