Day 1 in New York

A flight from California to New York will take the entire day (5 hours on the plane + 3 hour time change). A flight from Colorado to New York feels no different.

Moved into the Financial District today with two roommates, all three of us interning at Citi. One is in S&T with me and the other in IBD.  At midnight, they surprised me with three delicious mini-cakes for my birthday. My roommates are very sweet.

Unlike NorCal where one must change outfits several times a day to accommodate the perpetual shifts in temperature, Manhattan summers’ temperatures are pretty consistent throughout the day: hot and humid.

Explored the area around my apartment and realized that I live three blocks from Wall Street. Ground Zero is a two minute walk away. There are tourists everywhere. I suppose I am one, for now.

Took a small neighborhood tour with other interns living in the apartment building. Almost half of the ones I met are working at Goldman Sachs – the other are at Deutsche. Met a guy who went to Univ. of Colorado, Boulder. We had many mutual friends. What a small world. The group of us went to Seaport, which is for a lack of better words, a sea port. There are boats and ships along the shore, surrounded by dozens of bars and shops. On the other side of the bay is Brooklyn. The view is phenomenal.